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About Shafaghi carpet of Tabriz 1340
In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

I am blessed with the world because the world is blessed with him

From ancient times when the Pazir carpet was woven, for centuries and when Iran was the lifeblood of the Silk Road in the world economy, even in the days when oil and fossil energy were in the spotlight, the Iranian carpet was always , Along with other arts, has been among the symbols of Iran. The ancient economy of Iran was based on the export of some important goods, of which the carpet was and is a strong pillar. In the meantime, we should not neglect the other arts of this land, such as handicrafts, architecture and poetry, or the literature of our homeland. Our ancestors opened their eyes to the world on the Iranian carpet, and whenever they lived in peace and tranquility, they closed their eyes to the mortal world on the carpets and returned to their homeland.

Today, times have changed and the world of science and knowledge has taken on a stormy definition. But having Iranian carpets is still a cultural and artistic dream for people of different nationalities living in the four corners of the world, despite the clumsy imitations of Iranian carpets made by merchants and weavers of other countries.

For a few mornings, due to the unpopularity of irrational people, in some countries, they imitated the design of Iranian carpets and sometimes forged the names of Iranian workshops for themselves.

I sincerely ask all the esteemed carpet merchants, producers and artist managers of carpet production workshops throughout this vast land to spare no effort to preserve and promote the famous name of our dear country Iran in the field of carpet art and industry. Shake hands warmly for more intimate cooperation.
The role of artists and those who create culture in the modern Iranian society with their plays in cinema, television, theater and radio is not hidden from anyone. Of course, the role of the press is also very influential.

The book of stars of Iranian cinema is the first step by one of the guardians of carpet art. Hoping for the next steps to honor all those who take a step or a pen to make the country proud in the fields of science, culture and entrepreneurship.

محمد شفقي

The soul of art is the presence of the meaning of divinity in the world of face, and it is the meaning of beauty that both gives beauty to the face of art and informs about the series of beauty in the whole world.
Those who have shown the point of perfection in the art world. They have done the most service to humanity.

Because the absolute meaning, which is the essence of God, comes to life from the very same thing. What a blessing for those who have succeeded in creating a perfect work.

Iranian hand-woven carpet is one of our glorious honors, as well as poetry and literature, which we are one of the top 5 countries in the world and we can build on. In art, we have a title or title, classical art never dies. But we have another definition that is the essence of the art of innovation. I do not define art. Because art is indefinable, in fact, everything that is said about art is a description of art, and we sometimes mistakenly say the definition of art!

But another description is the art of permanence and its meaning.

These days, anyone who is Iranian and knows Iran also has the Shafaqi carpet of Tabriz in its treasures. It is an asset of God’s grace and mercy that comes from the unceasing efforts of days and nights, the empathy and determination of the artists who gathered under the efforts of Master Mohammad Shafaqi and kept thousands of memories of yesterday and thousands of hopes for tomorrow and the works of Shafaqi carpet of Tabriz. They created drunkenness.


Creation is the manifestation of the worm of transcendence, and the home art of creation is the art of describing the leap of the enchanted soul, which is manifested by connecting to the eternal source of beauty in line, color, and angle.
The art of carpet weaving is the opening that leads the carpet to the throne, and the carpet is the ground for reaching the throne, that is, a collection of all the arts. Iranian hand-woven carpet is a symbol of Iranian identity from the deep belief, high mysticism and heavenly love of the artists of this land. This is the most popular Iranian art that deserves more respect and reverence. The carpet is an Iranian emblem and Iranians are known all over the world for their culture and art. Taste and feeling. Iranian carpet is considered the most glorious national art of Iran. In the art of carpet weaving, Shafaqi Tabriz carpet is a double blessing. One is to beautify the world by creating the same beauty, and the other is to give a beautiful eye to the art audience to see what disturbs and unbalances itself. The art of carpet weaving of Shafaqi carpet in Tabriz is turning ugliness into beauty and discovering and creating unity in the soul of art. The sanctity of art is due to the fact that it is connected with the holy world and washed with absolute holiness.

Art is the manifestation of divine creativity in man. Who is the caliph of God and at the peak of perfection is fair to his attributes.

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