Shafaghi carpet of Tabriz 1961
I am blessed with the world because the world is blessed with him

From ancient times, when Pazir carpet was woven, for centuries or when Iran was the lifeblood of the Silk Road in the world economy, even in the days when oil and fossil energy were in the spotlight, Iranian carpets have always been , Along with other arts, has been among the symbols of Iran. The ancient economy of Iran was based on the export of some important goods, of which the carpet was and is a strong pillar. In the meantime, we should not neglect the other arts of this land, such as handicrafts, architecture and poetry, or the literature of our homeland. Our ancestors opened their eyes to the world on the Iranian carpet, and whenever they lived in peace and tranquility, they closed their eyes to the mortal world on the carpets and remained in the land.

Shafaghi decoration
Everyone wants to have a beautiful and flawless interior decoration, at home or at work. Ideas for interior design are formed in many ways such as personal taste, ideas from various places such as watching the design of local and traditional shops, architectural magazines or ideas from the interior design style of a friend or acquaintance.
Shafaghi carpet of Tabriz due to its creations, which is really the crystallization of eternal beauty and the creator of art and beauty; Can accompany you in decoration design.
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